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Name : Sepand DANESH

Born : 1984, Tehran IRAN

Current Location : Paris, France


Childhood : was born during war. Attended public school for boys in Tehran where he faced physical and psychological violence . Left Iran at age 12 and never went back. Lost langage, lived forced exile in social and financial dificulties. Draw, paint and design objects since 2000.

Education : Beaux-Arts of Paris from 2005 to 2010. Design at Olivier de Serres school in Paris from 2003 to 2005. High school specialized in Art from 2000 to 2003.

Main interest : good question :)


Fundación MEDIANOCHE0 2021 ■ Groupe Accor 2020 ■ Fond National d’Art Contemporain 2019 ■ Fondation Neuflize obc, 2018 ■ FRAC Poitou-Charentes 2017 ■ Collection Société Générale, Paris 2017 ■ Fondation Jean François Prat, 2015 ■ Fondation Colas, Paris 2012


Expo Dubai 2020, Universal exhibition French Pavillion, Dubai, Oct 202, March 2022 ■ Moi, mon aigle et mon serpent,  Galerie Backslash, Paris, Mars-juin 2020■ Degré zéro du hub - Cnap, Sun7 Runspace, Besançon, octobre-novembre 2019 ■ Introduction to the hub, Galerie Dastan, Teheran, juin 2019 ■ Symptôme - Espace Scarabé, Chambery, 2019 ■ HUBTOPIA - Galerie Backslash, Paris, Janvier 2018 ■ Fragments d’un voyage immobile ,  curated Sally Bonn, Galerie des Grands Bains Douches, PAC Marseille, 2017 ■ Des ruines pour origine - BACKSLASH, Paris, 2016 ■ Encyclopedia Of The Imagination - Drawing Now, Paris, 2016 ■ Apostrophe Muette - Art en Directe, La Vitrine am, Paris, 2015 ■ Angle Mort - Cité des Arts, Chambéry, France, 2014 ■ Il va crever ton Bonsaï - Galerie Nivet-Carzon, Paris, 2013

sepand danesh selfportrait with camera.JPG


Thank you and talk soon :)

I promise, I will give you more information about my work, how to get prices and the possibilities for future collaborations for public spaces interventions as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, feel free to leave me your e-mail address and also to send me all your questions.

Also, soon, there will be a big update on the painting section!

Thank you and much love :)

Super cool !!!!

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